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About Us

They say a bad hair day equals a terrible day. We can’t help but agree!

We try to always look and feel our best no matter how busy the day gets.

Although let’s face it, some days we women just don’t have the strength or patience to pick the right outfit, put on a fresh make-up look, or even fix our hair.
But we don’t want a bad hair day either!

Hair By Syn was created to make it possible for busy & active women to change their hairstyle within minutes, without fussing with glue, lace bending, sitting down for hours to do plaits, or damaging their hair with heat tools.

Our high-quality human hair headband wigs are designed to help you quickly switch up your style for any occasion such as going to the gym, school run, lunch or dinner with the girls, or a simple everyday look.

We want you to look good and put together in the simplest, easiest way without spending your hard-earned money for regular salon visits or having to let go of an appointment because you’re just not “ready”.

So, if like us, you need an easy, fuss-free, low-maintenance, protective hairstyle, then look no further.

We’ve got just the perfect headband wig for you!